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Aerodynamic Downforce.

If you want downforce numbers in the calculation, but don't have data resulting from wind tunnel tests, then only use downforce from the wing(s) on the car. Suppliers of wings can give you numbers of downforce for any of their wings, usually in the form of graphs with speed versus downforce and downforce versus wing angle.

You can expect the force on a wing to roughly work on one fourth of the way back from the front end of the wing. What you need to know for this brake calculator is the downforce on the wing at maximum speed of the car.

If there are no wings on the car and you have no data resulting from wind tunnel tests, disregard the downforce by entering a "0" (zero) in the "Aerodynamic downforce at top speed" field, or leave it empty. Without wings, there probably will be some negative downforce (lift) at higher speeds, most likely on the rear end of the car, but there is no way of guessing in the right direction, without any further tests.

For several reasons, I chose to use the lb-force (lbf) and kg-force (kgf) for the downforce numbers, so please bear with me and convert your Newtons to lbf or kgf.  Thanks!!!

On Earth we say that 1 kgf = 9.81 N and 1 N = 0.102 kgf

Also: 1 kgf = 2.205 lbf and 1 lbf = 0.454 kgf


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