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The calculated number shows static brake bias. It can be measured with a torque wrench on the center lug of a front and rear wheel while the brake pedal is depressed and the wheels are off the ground.

Static Brake Bias is independent from tire grip (CoF of tires and road surface conditions), location of Center of Gravity, weight distribution of the luggage and number of passangers (static weight distribution), weight distribution under deceleration (dynamic weight distribution), aerodynamic downforce (if applicable) and wheelbase.

This number tells you the ratio of front brake torque to total brake torque due to clamping force, rotor radius and pad-µ. You can use it to predict the effect of different size calipers and rotors, and different brake pads.


*** NOTE: The static bias number in the results field on the home page only applies to brake systems with a tandem or single master cylinder. If your car is equipped with dual MCs with DIFFERENT dimensions front and rear, the size of the two master cylinders plays a role too (it doesn't with a tandem MC and single MC), but we can not use the MC dimensions from the results fields of the calculator on the home page because these are calculated taking dynamic conditions into account (maximum weight transfer resulting from maximum braking and maximum grip, etc.).

*** To get the static brake bias for your car if it's equipped with dual MCs, use the following calculator:


Calculator for STATIC Brake Bias:

This calculator assumes that the balance bar is centered!
• Enter dimensions you are currently using or think about using.
• The numbers already entered are examples and can be overwritten.
• Calculate Caliper Piston Area and determine Rotor Effective Radius.


STATIC Brake Bias      Standard
MC Ø front  = inch
MC Ø rear  = inch
Caliper Piston Area front  = inch2
Caliper Piston Area rear  = inch2
Rotor Eff. Radius front  = inch
Rotor Eff. Radius rear  = inch
CoF (µ) Brake Pad front  =
CoF (µ) Brake Pad rear  =


Your Static Brake Bias will be  % front


STATIC Brake Bias      Metric
MC Ø front  = mm
MC Ø rear  = mm
Caliper Piston Area front  = mm2
Caliper Piston Area rear  = mm2
Rotor Eff. Radius front  = mm
Rotor Eff. Radius rear  = mm
CoF (µ) Brake Pad front  =
CoF (µ) Brake Pad rear  =


Your Static Brake Bias will be  % front


Last Update: 04/12/2023
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