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How to use this Brake Calculator

This calculator can help you calculate dimensions of brake system components and give you an idea of the effect of changes in the dimensions of those components, vehicle dimensions, aero dynamic down force, weight and weight distribution. The master cylinder diameters are calculated directly, while dimensions of other components can be found by substitution of numbers you already have, or you think could work. The results tell you whether you need to go up or down (numerically), in order to reach a particular goal (like a certain force on the pedal for maximum deceleration, tire compound and diameter, M/C diameter, rotor size, pedal ratio, etc.).

In this calculator, the M/C diameters always represent a (hypothetically perfect) situation in which front and rear wheels lock up simultaneously under full deceleration, after all weight transfer has taken place. So changes in any of the other variables will be compensated for by adjustments in M/C diameter(s), in order to maintain the maximum deceleration possible for your vehicle.

Entries can be made as Standard or Metric. Just make sure you select the right option. The numbers already entered are examples and can be overwritten or cleared with the button. Each button contains specific info on the preceding input or result field and will open in a new tab.


Last Update: 03/07/2022
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