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This web site and its entire content is meant for informational purposes only. The results from the calculator should be treated solely as pointers for car crafters, racers, hot rodders, etc.

Since so many not exact variables are involved, the results can never be considered exact numbers.

WARNING: Do not make changes to any brake system, unless you fully understand the implications and are able to test the brake system in a safe environment (NOT on public roads!), to make sure it performs as expected. Only AFTER you have determined that the brakes are safe (= fully effective and reliable), the vehicle can be used on a race track near other people and vehicles.

ATTENTION: Do NOT use a vehicle with modified brakes on public roads, unless the modification is approved for the specific application by the supplier and/or manufacturer of the modification.

WARNING: Improper modification of a brake system can cause brake failure and/or loss of vehicle control during braking, resulting in property damage and personal injury or death.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT work on any brake system, unless you are an experienced mechanic and are willing to take full responsibility for all consequences.

ATTENTION: The effect of any implemented change to a brake system has to be evaluated first in an entirely safe environment, where unexpected results can not endanger people and property!


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