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Weightfront @ Brakemax = Weight Distribution Under Maximum Deceleration, expressed as weight on the front tires as a percentage of total vehicle weight (and aerodynamic down force at top speed, if applicable).

Note that this number = Brake Bias, but only when front and rear tires have the same diameter and friction coefficient.

A number higher than 100% indicates a situation where the rear wheels would lift off the ground. A situation that is easy to create with a "virtual vehicle", but not in the real world. For exceptions, click here. And here.

Factors that could cause rear wheels to loose contact with the ground during maximum deceleration:
- Extremely high CG
- Extremely short wheel base
- Extremely high friction coefficient of front tires
- Static weight distribution with extreme forward bias
- Center of downforce located very close to (or in front of) front axle


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